Kristoffer Hammond MortensenAge: 60 years18571918

Kristoffer Hammond Mortensen
Given names
Kristoffer Hammond
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Kristoffer Hammond Mortensen
Birth: July 12, 1857Mårsund, Bø, Nordland
Death: 1918Ramberg, Bø, Nordland
Kristine Helmine Hansdatter
Birth: January 28, 1864Vinje, Bø, Nordland
Death: 1935Ramberg, Bø, Nordland
Marriage: August 8, 1884Bø, Bø, Nordland, Norge

  1. Generation 1
    1. Kristoffer Hammond Mortensen was born on July 12, 1857 in Mårsund, Bø, Nordland and died in 1918 in Ramberg, Bø, Nordland at the age of 60. He married Kristine Helmine Hansdatter, daughter of Hans Jakobsen and Else Johanna Johansdatter, on August 8, 1884 in Bø, Bø, Nordland. She was born on January 28, 1864 in Vinje, Bø, Nordland and died in 1935 in Ramberg, Bø, Nordland at the age of 70.

Birth July 12, 1857
Mårsund, Bø, Nordland, Norge
Latitude: N68.6080 Longitude: E14.5280

MarriageKristine Helmine HansdatterView this family
August 8, 1884 (Age 27 years)
Bø, Bø, Nordland, Norge
Latitude: N68.617 Longitude: E14.549

Death 1918 (Age 60 years)
Ramberg, Bø, Nordland, Norge
Latitude: N68.6360 Longitude: E14.6290