Anne Marie EngerAge: 12 months18861887

Anne Marie Enger
Given names
Anne Marie
Birth 1886
Death 1887 (Age 12 months)
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elder brother
22 months
elder brother
Hans Enger
Birth: October 6, 1880Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
Occupation: Murer
Death: March 25, 1958Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
2 years
elder brother
Rolf Trondsen
Birth: December 11, 1882Hole, Buskerud, Norge
Death: February 14, 1943Aker (historical), Oslo, Oslo
2 years
elder sister
Gunhild Enger
Birth: December 7, 1884Hole, Buskerud, Norge
Death: August 14, 1905Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
2 years
Anne Marie Enger
Birth: 1886Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
Death: 1887Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
3 years
younger brother
Christoffer Enger
Birth: October 18, 1888Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
Death: July 26, 1889Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
20 months
younger brother
Arne Enger
Birth: June 4, 1890Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
Death: July 30, 1973Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
3 years
younger brother
Trygve Enger
Birth: April 15, 1893Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
Death: January 19, 1971Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
17 months
younger sister
Signe Marie Enger
Birth: September 24, 1894Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
Death: August 8, 1895Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
19 months
younger sister
Ragnhild Therese Enger
Birth: April 25, 1896Sylling, Lier, Buskerud
Death: November 22, 1978Sylling, Lier, Buskerud

  1. Generation 1
    1. Anne Marie Enger, daughter of Tron Narvesen Enger and Randi Hansdatter, was born in 1886 in Sylling, Lier, Buskerud and died in 1887 in Sylling, Lier, Buskerud at the age of 12 months.