Arne AndersenAge: 58 years19201979

Arne Andersen
Given names
Birth December 23, 1920
Death of a fatherAdolf Andersen
June 11, 1937 (Age 16 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherSofie Andreasdatter
January 1942 (Age 21 years)
Death of a brotherAsbjørn Andersen
January 13, 1967 (Age 46 years)
Death of a motherOlga Augusta Svarstad
May 14, 1974 (Age 53 years)
Death October 12, 1979 (Age 58 years)
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Adolf Andersen
Birth: November 9, 1876Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: June 11, 1937Oslo, Norge
Olga Augusta Svarstad
Birth: October 23, 1894Østre Aker, Oslo, Norge
Death: May 14, 1974Oslo, Norge
elder brother
Asbjørn Andersen
Birth: May 22, 1917Lommedalen, Bærum, Akershus
Death: January 13, 1967Oslo, Norge
4 years
Arne Andersen
Birth: December 23, 1920Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: October 12, 1979Oslo, Norge

  1. Generation 1
    1. Arne Andersen, son of Adolf Andersen and Olga Augusta Svarstad, was born on December 23, 1920 in Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo and died on October 12, 1979 in Oslo at the age of 58.