Emma Sejersted HeibergAge: 89 years19122002

Emma Sejersted Heiberg
Given names
Emma Sejersted
Family with Knut-Henrik Holtermann - View this family
Knut-Henrik Holtermann
Birth: July 1, 1904Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: May 25, 1986Røa, Oslo, Norge
Emma Sejersted Heiberg
Birth: October 27, 1912Aker (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: April 18, 2002Oslo, Norge
Marriage: March 11, 1939Oslo, Norge
2 years
Unni Elisabeth Holtermann
Birth: August 16, 1941Oslo, Norge
Death: November 6, 1992Bergen, Hordaland, Norge

  1. Generation 1
    1. Emma Sejersted Heiberg was born on October 27, 1912 in Aker (historical), Oslo, Oslo and died on April 18, 2002 in Oslo at the age of 89. She married Knut-Henrik Holtermann, son of Eiler Christian Holtermann and Elisabeth Isaachsen, on March 11, 1939 in Oslo. He was born on July 1, 1904 in Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo and died on May 25, 1986 in Røa, Oslo at the age of 81.

      Children of Emma Sejersted Heiberg and Knut-Henrik Holtermann:

      1. Unni Elisabeth Holtermann (19411992)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Unni Elisabeth Holtermann, daughter of Knut-Henrik Holtermann and Emma Sejersted Heiberg, was born on August 16, 1941 in Oslo and died on November 6, 1992 in Bergen, Hordaland at the age of 51.

BirthEidsvollsmennenes etterkommere
Citation details: I10942
MarriageEidsvollsmennenes etterkommere
Citation details: F3605
SourceEidsvollsmennenes etterkommere
Citation details: I10942

Født i Vestre Aker


Født i Vestre Aker

Birth October 27, 1912
Aker (historical), Oslo, Oslo, Norge
Latitude: N59.93644 Longitude: E10.82053

Citation details: I10942
MarriageKnut-Henrik HoltermannView this family
March 11, 1939 (Age 26 years)
Oslo, Norge
Latitude: N59.9 Longitude: E10.8

Citation details: F3605
Birth of a daughter
#1Unni Elisabeth Holtermann
August 16, 1941 (Age 28 years)
Oslo, Norge
Latitude: N59.9 Longitude: E10.8

Death of a husbandKnut-Henrik Holtermann
May 25, 1986 (Age 73 years)
Death of a daughterUnni Elisabeth Holtermann
November 6, 1992 (Age 80 years)
Bergen, Hordaland, Norge
Latitude: N60.390 Longitude: E5.320

Death April 18, 2002 (Age 89 years)
Oslo, Norge
Latitude: N59.9 Longitude: E10.8