Gerd LyseggenAge: 65 years19291994

Gerd Lyseggen
Given names

  1. Generation 1
    1. Gerd Lyseggen was born on March 23, 1929 in Elverum, Hedmark and died on December 25, 1994 in Trysil, Hedmark at the age of 65. She married Gustav Henrik Wernberg.

Birth March 23, 1929
Elverum, Hedmark, Norge
Latitude: N60.880 Longitude: E11.560

Death December 25, 1994 (Age 65 years)
Trysil, Hedmark, Norge
Latitude: N61.280 Longitude: E12.290

Burial December 30, 199411:00 (5 days after death)
Innbygda, Trysil, Hedmark, Norge
Latitude: N61.33 Longitude: E12.27

Cemetery: Trysil kirke