Eva Harriet ØienAge: 72 years19201993

Eva Harriet Øien
Given names
Eva Harriet

Eva Harriet Øien Eriksen

Eva Harriet Øien Eriksen
Given names
Eva Harriet Øien
married name
Birth May 28, 1920
MarriageErik EriksenView this family

Census December 1, 1923 (Age 3 years)
Address: Neuberggate 3
Death of a fatherBersvend Johnsen Øien
March 5, 1952 (Age 31 years)
Death of a husbandErik Eriksen
December 29, 1976 (Age 56 years)

Death of a sisterLiv Bergljot Øien
February 1, 1980 (Age 59 years)
Burial of a sisterLiv Bergljot Øien
February 28, 1980 (Age 59 years)
Cemetery: Vår Frelsers gravlund
Death March 25, 1993 (Age 72 years)
Ullern kirke
April 1, 199311:30 (7 days after death)
Interred October 22, 1993 (6 months after death)
Cemetery: Ullern kirkegård
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: September 12, 1908Oslo, Norge
19 months
elder sister
Liv Bergljot Øien
Birth: April 26, 1910Vang, Hamar, Hedmark
Death: February 1, 1980Oslo, Norge
3 years
elder brother
Finn Yngvar Øien
Birth: November 2, 1912Vang, Hamar, Hedmark
Death: January 27, 2006Ris, Oslo, Norge
2 years
elder brother
Gunnar Wilhelm Øien
Birth: December 18, 1914Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
5 years
Eva Harriet Øien
Birth: May 28, 1920Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: March 25, 1993Oslo, Norge
Father’s family with Harriet Elfrida Konstanse Johnsen - View this family
Harriet Elfrida Konstanse Johnsen
Birth: March 11, 1895Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: January 18, 1982Slemdal, Oslo, Norge
Family with Erik Eriksen - View this family
Erik Eriksen
Birth: March 2, 1923
Death: December 29, 1976
Eva Harriet Øien
Birth: May 28, 1920Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: March 25, 1993Oslo, Norge

  1. Generation 1
    1. Eva Harriet Øien, daughter of Bersvend Johnsen Øien and Selma Wilhelmine Moe, was born on May 28, 1920 in Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo and died on March 25, 1993 in Oslo at the age of 72. She married 2 times. The first time she married Erik Eriksen. He was born on March 2, 1923 and died on December 29, 1976 at the age of 53. The second time she married Ole Anders Berg, son of Otto A. Berg and Ingeborg Størseth.

Census1923 Kristiania, Norge - Avskrift av folketelling - Bersvend Johnsen Øien - Husholdning


Navn FødtFødested KjønnFamstSivstErvervArb.givBostedLeil.MenighetFil
Bersvend Johnsen Øien28. januar 1876EidsvogMgHandelsreisendeNeuberggate 305UranienborgBunke264k
Harriet Elfrida Konstanse …11. mars 1895Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo, NorgeKgHusmorNeuberggate 305UranienborgBunke264k
Liv Bergljot Øien26. april 1910Vang, Hamar, Hedmark, NorgeKBarnNeuberggate 305UranienborgBunke264k
Finn Yngvar Øien2. november 1912Vang, Hamar, Hedmark, NorgeMBarnNeuberggate 305UranienborgBunke264k
Gunnar Wilhelm Øien18. desember 1914Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo, NorgeMBarnNeuberggate 305UranienborgBunke264k
Eva Harriet Øien28. mai 1920Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo, NorgeKBarnNeuberggate 305UranienborgBunke264k