Daniel NordbyAge: 0 days19101910

Daniel Nordby
Given names
Birth 1910
Death 1910
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elder sister
Karen Nordby
Birth: May 10, 1900Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Occupation: Misjonær
Death: June 23, 1968Lunner, Oppland, Norge
16 months
elder brother
Birger Nordby
Birth: August 27, 1901Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: January 3, 1955Bryn, Oslo, Norge
19 months
elder sister
Pauline Nordby
Birth: April 10, 1903Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: April 8, 1958Oslo, Norge
18 months
elder brother
Lauritz Nordby
Birth: September 26, 1904Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: May 28, 1962Oslo, Norge
23 months
elder sister
Gunhild Nordby
Birth: August 28, 1906Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: July 24, 1981Oslo, Norge
16 months
elder brother
David Nordby
Birth: 1907Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: 1907Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
1 year
elder sister
Hansine (Hansi) Nordby
Birth: January 9, 1908Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: July 11, 1988Oslo, Norge
3 years
Daniel Nordby
Birth: 1910Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: 1910Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
19 months
younger sister
Mary Nordby
Birth: July 26, 1911Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: September 27, 1992Oslo, Norge
15 months
younger brother
Josef Nordby
Birth: October 24, 1912Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: August 28, 2001Oslo, Norge
18 months
younger brother
Viktor Nordby
Birth: April 19, 1914Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: June 17, 1983Bjørkelangen, Aurskog-Høland, Akershus
4 years
younger brother
Fredrik Lorang Nordby
Birth: August 13, 1918Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo
Death: January 6, 1974Oslo, Norge

  1. Generation 1
    1. Daniel Nordby, son of Hans Kristian Lauritsen and Gina Marie Børjesen Hagan, was born in 1910 in Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo and died in 1910 in Kristiania (historical), Oslo, Oslo at the age of 0 days.